About TrueLine 

What Sets Us Apart?

Both Blair and Reece’s journey into building science and high-performance homes has reignited their commitment to constructing environmentally conscious homes.

They aspire to create homes that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also perform at a level that aligns with their design principles, setting their unique creations apart.

They understand that a home’s performance is just as crucial as its appearance and that the combination of both aspects creates a truly comfortable living space.

Their long-term goal is to build homes that minimize environmental impact while delivering exquisite design and exceptional performance. 

Meet the Team

Reece Beresford

Reece embarked on his building career as a carpenter, and it was during his tenure with a high-end builder that he discovered his true passion. Starting as a carpenter and swiftly progressing to supervisory and project management roles. Since then Reece has honed his expertise in high-performance building practices. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, he continually strives to enhance the potential outcomes of each home. 

Reece’s keen eye for detail and his ability to anticipate challenges serve as the foundation for TrueLine’s distinction. As a practical and innovative thinker, he is constantly exploring ways to improve construction techniques and deliver superior results for his clients. In his free time, Reece enjoys spending cherished moments with his amazing wife and three beautiful children, who inspire his intrinsic understanding of the importance of a family home tailored to individual needs. 

Blair Slack-Smith

Blair’s journey in the construction industry began with his studies in Construction Management and Economics at Curtin University. He gained valuable experience as an estimator and later as a Project Manager for both residential and heritage projects. After exploring various aspects of the building industry, including volume building and commercial construction, Blair realized the significance of applying effective processes to his work. 

With a newfound appreciation for sustainable building practices and a passion for the personal connections found in the residential custom home market, Blair made the decision to return to residential construction. He believes that his knowledge and expertise in sustainable building can best serve clients in creating exceptional, environmentally conscious homes. Outside of work, Blair finds joy in his travels and hiking adventures, fuelling his spirit of adventure. 

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