Building upon Passive House principles

“Certified” Passive House (or “PassivHaus”) standards can seem unrealistic and unattainable for many. At TrueLine, our commitment to better homes drives us to integrate these essential elements into our builds, tailored to your preferences and needs, and designed specifically for the Perth climate.

Key elements of passive houses, integrated in your build

Thermal insulation

Continuous thermal insulation ensures optimal temperature control and energy efficiency within the home.

High-performance glazing (windows and doors)

Carefully selected high-performance windows and doors, with double or even triple glazing, provides a balance of solar heat gain in winter, while also mitigating unwanted heat gain in the summer, this is optimised through calculation rather than principles.

Elimination of thermal bridges

By eliminating thermal bridges, the integrity and insulation of the rest of the house is improved.

Ventilation with heat recovery

A mechanical ventilation system ensures that there is a constant supply of fresh air, while also reclaiming the heat from the outgoing air in winter, ensuring an indoor environment that’s comfortable without compromising on energy efficiency.


Airtightness prevents air leakage, helping minimise loss of air at an optimal temperature, reducing the need for excessive extra heating and cooling.

Curious about a home that puts comfort and sustainability at the centre?

We don’t rely on magic tricks or grand promises—our approach is grounded in science. When it comes to building homes, we simply promise to deliver our best build, every time. Contact us through our form here or email us at

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